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Align your creativity with the power of one of the best frameworks to build robust and agile web applications. If simplicity combined with performance is your requirement, let Angular do the work for you!

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We Empower your Web Apps
with the power of Angular

We, at Mindstack, believe that product is the soul that lives within a code. Keeping a long term product vision in mind, we make use of Angular to make your web apps and products perform better and faster.

Angular Website Development

Websites don’t have to be complex. Angular extends the syntax of HTML to help you build interactive websites. We make use of the data binding capabilities of Angular to minimize the usage of code and maximize the performance of your website.

Angular High-Powered UX/UI

Think beyond the usual to build web applications and products that are built keeping user experience in mind. With its capabilities to support Single Page Applications, Angular lets our developers to seamlessly integrate UX and UI with data without putting a load on the server.

Angular Web Application Development

We make use of the robust Angular framework to help you build fully functioning web applications. No matter how complex your project requirements are, Angular makes it super fun and easy to build it.

Angular Application Migration

Whether you want to go from Native to Hybrid, hybrid to native or from web to native; We help you seamlessly migrate your application to better-structured technologies and frameworks.

Angular Integration Solution

With flexibility at its core, Angular seamlessly integrates with third party APIs. The team at Mindstack is always eager to understand your requirements and with our Angular Integration Solutions, expand the power and functionality of your applications and web apps.

Backend Dashboard Development

Thanks to Angular, developing backend dashboard that are built with advanced functionality are easy and flexible to make. Our team makes the full use of the extended version of HTML, dependency injection and data binding to build backend dashboards that work for you!

Our favorite:
the tech stack

Staying ahead of the curve is our priority and the Tech Stack is our tool for ensuring that. Working with Mindstack brings to you the power of the most efficient tools and the expertise of the most reliable team!

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We love Simplicity and hence, we love Angular

Simplicity is a superpower and Angular brings you that. Its aim is to simplify and restructure JavaScript code to build applications that are flexible yet scalable.

Angular highly efficient

Highly Efficient

Why spend your time, money and efforts into creating and maintaining long lines of code when you can simply make use of the data binding capabilities of Angular? Needless to say, this framework is extremely efficient and is good on your pocket too.

angular extremely versatile

Extremely Versatile

With the extended functionality of HTML that comes with Angular, the sky is the limit for your imagination. Angular lets you seamlessly build web, native mobile and hybrid apps.

angular data binding capabilities

Data binding capabilities

Angular supports two-way binding between property and event. As soon as events like click or change detect a change of data, the entire model transforms. With Data Binding in place, you eliminate the need to use excessive code making your web apps lighter and more flexible.

angular reusable elements

Reusable Elements

Reusing elements and developing apps faster is no longer a dream. Thanks to MVC architecture.

angular frontend development

Front-end Development

As a highly efficient front-end framework based on Javascript, Angular can be seamlessly integrated with node JS to help you build websites, applications and web apps that are at par with industry standards.

angular seo Friendly

SEO friendly

If SEO is your objective, Angular is your foundation to it. Angular helps in creating SEO friendly apps by integrating server-side rendering with Express Server.

Your Vision Is Our Goal

Mindstack is specialized in coding based projects that bring you success. Your products are your identity. It is our goal to make your products appreciable in the market. Our cutting edge solutions will boost up your business and skyrocket your growth.

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Success stories

Our recent Angular projects

We are proud of the work that brings us ahead of the curve. Have a glimpse of our latest Angular projects. Built with love, for businesses like you!

Edelweiss - Finsens

Finance planning mobile app

Finsens is a financial tracking and planning app by Edelweiss. it uses specific algorithms to suggest the mutual funds where you need to invest in order to achieve your financial goals.

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