Don’t settle for tech that deals with an iceberg-tip, because Mindstack works at the roots

product engineering


Your products define you, and we make certain that they meet and maintain your standards.

ui/ux strategy


Excellent User Interface and User Experience convince your customers to stay. So will our expertise.

mvp for startups

MVP for

Your product ideas deserve a place in the market, and we’re here to ensure that happens.

Our Services

We do not fix your tech, we upgrade it

As we work at the roots, we locate your problems and present favourable solutions that strengthen your foundation. Don’t want to start off weak, do we?

web development services

Web Development

Blending in is too mainstream! We believe that companies make the best first impression through their websites, and we don’t want you to miss this opportunity. We develop engaging websites for both mobile and desktop versions.

ux/ux design services

UI/UX Design

Your users are the judge of you! How you optimize your product determines the mass of your audience. And we want to ensure that your clientele not only enjoys your product, but also stays loyal to you. Whether it is user experience or user interface, we can help present the best version of your brand to your audience.

chatbot development services


It’s time to revamp customer support! We have a soft corner for AI & Machine Learning tech - not just because they’re cool, but also due to their efficiency. Whether meant for B2B, e-commerce, or IT & Finance, our chat boxes can carry conversations smoothly!

mobile app development services

Mobile Apps

Be a finger-tap away! Mobile apps are easily accessible and allow customers to interact with their favourite brands more frequently. Facilitate your clientele with our state-of-the-art and interactive apps that make use of native/hybrid mobile app solutions. Now you can be everywhere by just being in pockets!

cloud development services

Cloud / DevOps

Space is a myth, really! Our dexterity also lies in developing cloud apps for businesses so that they are not limited by space. With the help of a cloud app, you can back up and access your business from any device.

software testing services

Software Testing

No more defects! Your software system’s design may be impeccable, but there are faults that can escape many eyes. But not at Mindstack! We scan your software for bugs and errors to check its functionality, so that your audience enjoys a hassle-free experience!

Why we are different

We believe in minds that
cause an impact

Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals with unique quirks that add a charm to their professional output. At Mindstack, we value skill and curiosity alike, because that’s what keeps a person going! We find such people and we give them a masterly edge.

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Success stories

It’s not a success if there’s only one winner

We have worked relentlessly to step up our game and enter the competitive realm, and the benefit was never ours alone. Our success stories are comprised of our clients’ success stories, and that’s something we massively cherish.

Edelweiss - Finsens

Finance planning mobile app

Finsens is a financial tracking and planning app by Edelweiss. it uses specific algorithms to suggest the mutual funds where you need to invest in order to achieve your financial goals.

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