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A new age mobile phone application for stock investors. Its UX/UI designed to make user experience for investing and related activities easy. Dynamic features like watchlist being very robust in handling quick buying and selling stocks.

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Case Study

It is a modern-day investing and trading Mobile App. Investing in the financial markets has never been this simple thanks to ground-breaking technology and excellent usability developed by our team.

and plan ahead

The client wanted to develop a Mobile Application which needed very simple UI/UX, so that his target audience can focus on trading rather than getting stuck in navigating and learning the app.

We consulted and built a very sleek UI/UX for the app. The data for the app was fetched using socket programming and REST API's. The app was built using Flutter and deployed to both Android and IOS app stores.

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Our prized possession:
the tech stack

We adore all things technical! We also offer fast solutions to anything that requires growth to our customers because we have many micro-services at our disposal. We are pioneers in what we do, and we say that with pride and faith in our squad!

php tech stack
mysql tech stack
ruby on rails tech stack

Solution and steps taken

Everything is just a click away with a sleek and well-designed user interface for buying, selling, analysing, and managing your portfolio.

Search shares on a large scale

Instantly search stocks across multiple exchanges. With zero latency, find your favourite stocks with ease.

Deeper insights with level 2 Data

Level 2 data allows you to gain a better understanding of market liquidity and develop complex intraday investment strategies.

Extensive Monitoring

On a powerful and customisable charting interface, there are thousands of metrics, analyses, and tools.


Multi-stock watchlists can be created, operated, and implemented. Helps analyze and spread orders using legit profit margin.

Results and

We have successfuly developed and delivered the app which is being used by thousands of traders and stock brokers in India. The app has been deployed onto Android and IOS app stores and has been whitelabeled by several vendors as per their brand names.

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Success stories

It’s not a success if there’s only one winner

We've worked tirelessly to raise our game and enter the competitive arena, but the benefit has never been solely ours. Our success stories are made up entirely of our clients' success stories, which we greatly value.

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