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We help you in creating and leveraging UI/UX designs that turn ideas into experiences.

Impressive UIs are no longer “just” about capturing the attention of your user. Since all decisions are now driven by data and usability, it’s all about the creation of beautiful experiences.

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Creating meaningful designs
that help in strengthening the brands

We are a dedicated team of UI/UX designers who create delightful experiences for our clients through digital products. No matter which platform you choose or the industry that you come from, we create the final product that establishes a connection between you and your customer.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Creating smart apps that are tech-friendly and deliver a seamless experience.

web applications

Web Applications

SEO friendly designs and progressive and responsive web apps for your business.

saas apps

Saas Apps

Responsive SaaS apps that best compliment your B2B strategy

No matter what your challenges are, we deep dive into it to provide an actionable solution for your business​.

Our team of UI/UX designers enjoys the challenge of turning business goals and objectives into experiences that are optimally aesthetic as well as responsive. No matter what your needs are, we will create scalable and user-friendly solutions for you that will establish a strong connection with your target audience and translate into success for your business.

healthcare software services
food and restaurant software services
lms software services
finance software services
ecommerce software services
logistics software services

The process of our workflow

In our quest for creating unique and practical solutions for our clients that are perfectly scalable at their end, we follow a proper process of workflow and involve the client at each stage for his feedback.

market research and analysis

Market Research & Analysis

Gathering, defining, and understanding the goals and objectives of the users

information architecture

Information Architecture

Working with a customer mindset and creating an architecture keeping ‘findability’ in mind



Creating blueprints of the solutions to show the structure of the apparent final product.



Creating a beta version of the final product for understanding the underlying flow even before it is fully built

user interface design

User Interface Design

Creating interfaces that comply with user understanding and conformity

ui microinteractions

UI Microinteractions

Making all the features of the product come together to allow the user to spend more time on the interface

Technologies to create scalable UI/UX designs

UI/UX designs are continually evolving. At Mindstack, we ensure that we use state of the art technologies to create designs that are easy to use and pleasing to the eye.


Why should you choose us?

There’s design, then there are UI/UX designs. We have mastered the art of creating UI/UX designs that deliver outstanding user experience.

Extensive User Research

We carry out large scale user research to understand their end goals and find out the general user behavior in order to deliver a great user experience.

High Skilled Design Professionals

With a great domain exposure, our design professionals have exhibited their ability to work successfully with all kinds of ideas. Yours is next.

Envision, Design, Test

We carry out multiple iterations of the beta product/prototype before delivering the final product. We ensure that we achieve excellence in every design that we create

Amazing Designs

Data is the new oil. At Mindstack, we ensure to drive our designs with data so that the final product matches your expectations

Unmatched User Experiences

Our focus is mainly on driving your brand strategies further and this involves delivering world-class user experience to your end users.

Minimum Time Span & Costs

We try to simplify complexities that help in saving time and allows for more iterations at the least possible cost

Success stories

It’s not a success if there’s only one winner

We have worked relentlessly to step up our game and enter the competitive realm, and the benefit was never ours alone. Our success stories are comprised of our clients’ success stories, and that’s something we massively cherish.

Edelweiss - Finsens

Finance planning mobile app

Finsens is a financial tracking and planning app by Edelweiss. it uses specific algorithms to suggest the mutual funds where you need to invest in order to achieve your financial goals.

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