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Mindstack is passionate about serving, building, and supporting the finance and banking industry including broker platforms, mutual funds, digital stock trading, investment platforms, and banking institutions. From marketing to building strategy, development to design, we extend our services in executing product evaluation, integrating technology across multiple devices, enhancing customer interaction, and providing strong commitments towards overall management.

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Accelerating Finance & Banking

We provide end-to-end, flexible, integrated, and intelligent trading solutions for stock brokers and retail investors. The system can be accessed through a web-based platform or a mobile application, ensuring users can easily and securely trade in equities, derivatives, and commodities through an intuitive interface.

digital banking

Digital Banking

Mobile-friendly applications, strengthening online banking systems through safe and secured features complemented by advanced technologies.

trading platform solutions

API enabled Banking

Making an API-enabled banking system to help your prospective partners integrate their services or product safely and error-free.

mobile banking

Investment trading

Developing customer-friendly transactions that are speedy, all-time accessible, and supported by the instant response for trading convenience.

saas apps

Mutual Funds

Streamlining every feature of the platform with the best surveillance and aligning multiple-processes with easy access for all.

saas apps


Digitization of KYC processes and extending authenticated sources of integration data of customers via authenticated data availability.

saas apps

Payment Gateways

Developing a solid and secured gateway for diverse payment options available on the website.

Excelling Through Expertise

We understand the sensitivity of running a financial organization, and when it is implemented digitally, the stakes are always high. We are focused on adept functionality backed by solid research & expertise. Developing secure, reliable, and easy to access applications with minimal complexity.

Website development by professionals.

Compatible and trendy website design.

Complete web support from data security to risk prevention.

Data-driven technology and banking UX & UI specifications.

End-to-End Assistance with detailed analysis & strategies.

Advantages and Features of Financial Banking Applications

Once you have a cloud-based website that includes features supported by the latest technology, intuitive features, and everything well assisted from scratch, your financial portal becomes value-based applications that extend faster results, better response, and reliable backings.

Skip high maintenance costs and get speedy resolution and streamlined processes.

Empowering online financial business with multiple channel communication.

Accompanied by the latest trends and designs for suitable online platforms like stock trading and mutual funds.

Providing ultra-modern financial websites with incredible tech-support, better client services, and reliable solutions.

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It’s not about us or you, it’s about both of us and all the stakeholders. Our successes are always a two-way process, and we integrate multiple possibilities with flexible and agile techniques to provide excellent solutions.

Edelweiss - Finsens

Finance planning mobile app

Finsens is a financial tracking and planning app by Edelweiss. it uses specific algorithms to suggest the mutual funds where you need to invest in order to achieve your financial goals.

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