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Next.JS is the fastest JavaScript framework that has the power to create fast and scalable server-rendered applications. We, at Mindstack, fully utilize the power of Next JS to create high speed, feature-rich, and fully-functional custom applications to suit your specific business needs.

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What’s included in our
NodeJS Development services?

Our main aim is to create solutions for your business that are inventive, innovative, and truly out-of-the-box. We understand your business needs and develop custom applications for your business with great emphasis on speed, scalability, and performance.


With years of hands-on experience, we create server-rendered applications that very well complement your business. With Next JS, we ensure that there is minimal waiting time for your application so that you can use it with ease.

Next JS integration

In order to improve the experience and to ensure that every new update in the application is smooth, we use Next JS to the fullest. We ensure that your application is compatible with the JS ecosystem.

Next JS Plugin Development

Plugins help in augmenting the existing features. At Mindstack, we always ensure that it has the required plugins so that your application is feature-filled. If needed, we also create custom plugins for your application.

Node JS Dynamic Website

Do you wish to create a powerful dynamic website? Don’t worry, we will create it for you! We utilize the Next JS to make an efficient website that supports your business.

Upgradation and Migration Services

With years of experience, we continually help you in upgrading to the latest version of this technology. Apart from that, we also offer customization for your application to serve your business needs.

Next JS Planning and Strategy

Our team works in close proximity to our clients in order to help them in strategizing a solution for their project. Our skills and hands-on-experience come very handy for our clients.

Our favorite part:
the tech stack

Web applications have evolved from being static to dynamic with the least react time and highest levels of performance. With our tech stack, we build such applications for you that are seamless, scalable, and match your project needs.

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We love Next JS, you will too!

If there’s one thing that we are obsessed with, it’s coding. Period. We provide cutting edge solutions that will skyrocket your business to the next level, and keep it there!

nextjs hot code reloading

Hot code reloading

Node JS has an inherent quality of reloading the page if it detects any changes that are saved to the disk. This feature makes Next JS stand out from the rest!

nextjs automatic routing

Automatic Routing

With Next JS, URLs are mapped to the file system and you don’t need a specific configuration for that. However, you can always customize it!

nextjs Server-Side Rendering

Server-Side Rendering

Next JS lets you render the React components on the server-side. It can be done before the HTML is sent to the clients.

nextjs Reusable Elements

Reusable Elements

Just like React, the elements of Next JS can also be used multiple times in order to build more UI instances.

nextjs Pre-rendering


Creating data or statistics-driven and server-rendered applications have been made really easy with Next JS and we absolutely love it!

nextjs scalability


Next JS is highly scalable. It is optimized for a small build size and faster dev compilation which is phenomenal!

Merge your Vision With our Expertise

At Mindstack, we lay great emphasis on satisfying our client at every step of the process whilst serving his end goal and delivering more than his expectation. Being a development-and-deployment organization of web services, we harness the latest technologies to focus on the bigger picture, always!

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If there’s one thing that we are obsessed with, it’s coding. Period. We provide cutting edge solutions that will skyrocket your business to the next level, and keep it there!


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