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Findrajobs is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-based recruiting tool that makes it simple for businesses to recruit top talent.

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Case Study

Findrajobs is trying to bridge the gap between recruiters and candidates by filtering out the jobs and matching the jobs to the candidate's profile. It also filters out the candidates through an AI-based assessment tool, which narrows down the candidates' list for the recruiters.

and plan ahead

The client had a requirement to build an online portal for recruitment in Malaysia and Thailand. He wanted it to be unique by having an AI based recruitment tool for filtering out the candidates for the recruiters.

Jobs should be filtered out for the candidates by matching the profiles with the required job skills. Our team had to brainstorm the UI/UX and technological aspects thoroughly to build such a platform.

casestudy - overview

Our prized possession:
the tech stack

We want to keep up with the latest trends, and building technology is a breeze for us now that we have micro-services at our disposal. Did we mention that our team is incredibly skilled at what they do?

nextjs tech stack
react tech stack
ruby on rails tech stack
nodejs tech stack
css3 tech stack
html5 tech stack

Solution and steps taken

Based on our understanding and client's approvals below are few of the modules we developed for the web portal.

Measure Skills

The skills that are important in the day-to-day work of technical teams are evaluated by the assessment engine. Reports provide input on vital facets of functional performance, such as the code quality, ratings, logic build ability, and secondary skills.

Remote Hiring

Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms identify the best applicants who are aggressively searching for jobs and have a high response rate.

Verified Skills

Assessments are used to verify applicants. Candidates are shortlisted based on the skills and assessments.

Admin Panel

Access to admin area where candidates can manage their profile and apply to recommended companies. Recruites get an access to view the candidates and make them an offer.

Results and

The client wanted to expand his business in Malaysia and Thailand with an unique recruitment portal. We had a challenge to design the right UI/UX for the portal and to use the right technology to maintain the page speed since huge amount was being spent on Marketing. We used nextjs for the UI part of it and built the admin area with React and Nodejs in backend with MongoDb as the database. The project has been successuly completed and delivered.

etuite success

Success stories

It’s not a success if there’s only one winner

We have worked relentlessly to step up our game and enter the competitive realm, and the benefit was never ours alone. Our success stories are comprised of our clients’ success stories, and that’s something we massively cherish.

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