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Software Process & Tools

Have you outsourced your project or trying to build a product in house and struggling to manage your team and deadline? Check out our recommendations of tools and processes.


Everything you need to know about rapid application development

What is rapid application development? It’s a software development methodology to develop quick working programs. Rapid application development uses predefined prototyping techniques and tools to provide better software system applications. RAD concentrates on the delivery of the product and involves the client from the start and focuses on the client’s needs, uses an incremental approach,

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8 Benefits of implementing agile methodology in your project

Agile methodology is basically seeking alternatives to linear project management. It is how a team will be able to respond to any kind of unpredictability that happens through feedback and incremental work.   How can you benefit from the use of agile methodology?   Engagement of the stakeholder and the development team: – This methodology

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