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8 Benefits of implementing agile methodology in your project

Agile methodology is basically seeking alternatives to linear project management. It is how a team will be able to respond to any kind of unpredictability that happens through feedback and incremental work.   How can you benefit from the use of agile methodology?   Engagement of the stakeholder and the development team: – This methodology

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Achieving ultimate success through custom web design and development

A close look at the various commercials that are put up in print media or even in the television has witnessed the incessant pitching to provide you with instant websites where all you need to do is to choose the theme, add your own logo, as well as put page content and you are good

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Mindstack helps farmers to manage their finance

When it came to farming activities, and its related financial transactions, there were very little help in keeping the documentation as well as a track of all the activities associated with farming. So, what would be the obvious solution under such circumstances? Well, with the help of Mindstack, Mohan Talakalukoppa created Farmoney, a mobile app

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