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Wordpress checklist

Useful wordpress checklist for successful website launch

If you’re looking to setup a WordPress website then you are at the right place. This wordpress checklist will give an exact idea to setup a wordpress website. You maybe a developer/business owner/user who wants to setup a wordpress website. You are just a few steps away from setting up the wordpress website. 1. Choose

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Ecommerce website from scratch

How to build an ecommerce website from scratch

What it takes to build an ecommerce website from scratch? What are the things to consider while building an ecommerce website? So today I am going to guide you on how to build an ecommerce website from scratch. According to Forrester Research, e-commerce will account for 11% of US retail sales, or $414 billion, by

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website speed otimization

Useful web optimization techniques to improve site speed

Do you think the speed of your website matters? Well, Google considers this as one of the factors for ranking in the search engines. Amazon found this to be true, reporting increased revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds improvement to their site speed. (Source: Amazon) Before you read web optimization techniques, you may want

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responsive web design

Responsive web design guidelines for your next project

Responsive web design is an essential part of any website strategy these days. In the fourth quarter of 2017, 46.68 million iPhones have been sold and similar numbers by Samsung other mobile phone manufacturers. Would you want to stay away from the traffic generated from these devices? Every website today has to be responsive. Over

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Buyer personas

Ultimate guide to design your own website

Creating a website at present feels like an easy task. There are so many ready made website builders out there and so many freelancers/web developers who will assure to create a website for so less amount that you feel building a website is a piece of cake! Planning a website that aligns with your marketing

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hybrid apps vs native apps

A complete guide for hybrid apps vs native apps

Mobile applications are rapidly increasing every year. There are two ways of approach for developing mobile apps. It’s difficult to choose between hybrid apps vs native apps. Companies can build native application that integrates into the platform of their choice, iOS or android or can opt for hybrid applications which can be released across all

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How chatbots can bring enormous results in your social media campaigns

The way of doing business has evolved where there’s no necessity for the businessmen to meet people to generate more leads. Social media campaigns has become common term for all business. Where does your target audience reside? For many business it is social media. Social Media have gained lot of attention in the past few

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The definitive guide to chatbots for business

Chatbots have been around for some time, but companies have now started adapting chatbot technology from the business point of view. Chatbots are designed to simulate like human conversations. The reason for adapting chatbots for business is very simple as more number of people are increasingly using chat services other than any communication medium. Chatbots

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chatbot marketing

10 benefits of adopting chatbot marketing to your business

  Chatbots are gaining more attention in the field of marketing. Being an early adopter of chatbot technology will give you a major advantage as a marketer over other competitors.   The stats predict that by the end of 2020 about 80% of business will adopt chatbot to increase their Business revenue. People are 10x

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How this Entrepreneur lost $3000+ by these mistakes which you can avoid

Have you been in a position where you suddenly get an idea for a startup and think of it as the best idea in the whole world and that you would potentially become millionaire in a couple of months? So in the excitement you tend to do these mistakes as mentioned below. We have worked

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