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Mobile apps

Want to engage with more customers? Follow our Mobile app guides and create those beautiful apps which your customers will love.

progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

Ever wondered if web apps behaved more like real apps? It’s time to talk about progressive web apps that are aiming to make that happen. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new technology that gives an experience like a mobile app. It works like a normal app and can be accessed from the home screen.

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api integration

What You Should Know About API integration

API Integration is essential for communication between programs. Social media networking giants Facebook and Twitter are few companies that have created smart use of open or public APIs. Basically, an open API is one in which an organization publishes its software to be shared freely. A startup, for instance, might want to open its API,

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A complete guide to m-commerce app

What is m-commerce? There is no m-commerce definition as such but we can interpret as “the action of buying and selling of products through various communication medium such as mobiles/wireless technologies and devices”. A user who purchases on Websites or apps or performs activities like paying for travel, events or bills; or redeeming a coupon.

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custom app development

why should you opt custom app for your business

Every business is totally different so are their functions. No solution crafted for one business can be a fit for a second business. That’s the reason, business owners sometimes choose to get their products custom made, particularly when they invest in custom app. But, there are business owners who continuously look for an entire readymade

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hybrid apps vs native apps

A complete guide for hybrid apps vs native apps

Mobile applications are rapidly increasing every year. There are two ways of approach for developing mobile apps. It’s difficult to choose between hybrid apps vs native apps. Companies can build native application that integrates into the platform of their choice, iOS or android or can opt for hybrid applications which can be released across all

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